Doctors Choice: Taking Care Of Low Testosterone With TST 1700

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For almost 40% of guys over the age of 40, low testosterone is one of the biggest issues that they will have to deal with. Low testosterone can lead to sluggishness, low libido, and a number of other extenuating health problems. No guy wants to suffer from low testosterone, which is it is recommended that any guy suffering from low T see a doctor to figure out a game plan to reverse low T.

Lifestyle changes

For most guys, lifestyle changes are the first course of action when trying to combat Low T. Sometimes, simple dietary and exercise changes can effective change a man’s ability to produce testosterone. In many cases, a man is simply far too overweight and weight loss is enough to get the benefits of boosting your testosterone levels.

Sometimes more dramatic lifestyle changes are actually needed. Some guys need to quit smoking, drinking, adopt a weight lifting program, or even undergo weight loss surgery in order to get in a position where they can produce normal levels of testosterone. Most guys don’t need to go that far, but in extreme cases, it is possible.

Low T Therapy

testosterone-boosterWhen lifestyle and natural diet changes aren’t enough, some doctors may prescribe Low t therapy in order to raise testosterone levels. This can be in the form of a patch, gel, or even sometimes injections.

Low T Therapy has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the past few years, because while it does work – it has numerous side effects. Many of these side effects can be particularly embarrassing for men, while other side effects have been severe. In fact, some side effects have been so severe that hundreds of Low T lawsuits have been filed against companies that have products intended for use by Low T Therapy.

So while Low T therapy does work, it can often have very unwanted consequences and because of that, it is not necessarily the ideal way to eliminate Low T.

Testosterone Supplements

Some guys don’t want to take the risks of low T therapy and instead want to use a more holistic approach to dealing with their Low T. This is why there are so many of testosterone boosting products out on the market that promise to boost your testosterone levels to make “you feel like a man again.”

The Internet is littered with ads promoting testosterone boosters. Right now, two of the hottest testosterone boosters include TST 1700 and T90 Xplode. Since both of these products contain a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that work together to help your body naturally produce more testosterone, then there are no side effects of TST 1700. It’s essentially the complete opposite approach compared to Low T therapy, which actually contains testosterone.

Many guys swear by products like T90 Xplode and claim that they see dramatic results after weeks. When used with a regular strength training program, the results are even more astounding. Low T has no chance when a high quality test booster is used and best of all – they typically contain little to no side effects.

When you add all the facts up, its’ clear that the best way to deal with Low T is to combine lifestyle changes along with a testosterone boosting supplement. The results speak for themselves and you don’t have to put your health at risk. This method is really a win-win for you, and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

How To Avoid Workout Injuries With Abs After 40 Fitness Routine

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Abs After 40 is a workout program and nutrition plan which was designed by the fitness expert known as Mark Mcilyar, alias “The Ripped Grandpa.” It contains effective hormone rejuvenation exercises which are especially customized for men who are over 40 years, and offers older guys their dream of getting amazing ripped abs with little effort and time. Abs After 40 program contains exercises which work muscles which are usually overlooked in normal routines. The movements employed by this program naturally raise the testosterone levels which is great for burning body fat, building muscle, and improving strength. The movements use different muscles at a go to perform various tasks which is quite ideal for strength increases; this provides much better results than the isolation exercises which usually work only a single muscle at a time.

In this abs after 40 review, we learn that one of the most amazing aspects of this workout program is that if it’s followed with the required consistency, it offers astounding results. Initially, this program focuses on getting rid of belly fat by employing unique movements which are low impact alternatives for the older guys. The movements are detailed in a simple to follow, step by step manner, so everyone can be able to catch up at their own pace. The system teaches older men why it’s important to keep the testosterone at optimum levels since it’s the testosterone which tends to make men more combative and more intrusive. .

Learn Why Growing Up Makes Working Out For Men More Difficult

As men get older, the testosterone hormones and the growth hormones decline. These 2 key hormones are at optimal level in the early to mid 20’s. The decline in these hormones makes it much harder for men over 40 years to work out. Some other reasons why it is rather difficult to work out after the age 40 include, but not limited to;

-Aging joints and bones.
-Eating high fat foods and processed foods which are made out of convenience.
-Having much less time to workout because of obligations such as work, house, children, among others.
-High stress levels and less overall energy.

The Abs After 40 program has been custom tailored to actually meet the special needs which older guy’s have. It’s different from the other exercise programs and nutrition plans because it has been specifically designed to make it easier for older guys to work out by supporting the health and production the male hormone system. The program comprises of categorized sequences of in home work out plans, meditation, low impact resistance work outs, rehabilitation from any previous injuries, a detailed guide to prevent injuries, a great recipe of energizing juices and meals, along with the internal hormonal manipulation.

What Does The Program Include?

abs after 40Phase 1; Fat Loss Jumpstart
This part is designed to help in breaking the link between unbalanced hormones and the belly fat. Someone with unbalanced hormones usually stores plenty of belly fat, and storing large amounts of belly fat might lead to even more unbalanced hormones, thus creating a grueling vicious cycle which many men will find difficult/hard to break. This program helps break this cycle allowing men over 40 to achieve fitness levels they might not have otherwise enjoyed since their 20’s. This phase helps focus on losing belly fat as fast as humanly possible, without unnecessarily starving yourself, or doing extreme workouts which can hurt you. This particular segment can be utilized by anybody, even if you have never exercised and dieted before.

Phase 2; Male Hormone Optimization
After losing belly fat, phase 2 focuses on optimizing the testosterone levels by basically increasing the workout intensity, and also adding more compound resistance exercises which involve more than 1 muscle group. By activating most of the muscle fibers, maximum amounts of testosterone gets released into your bloodstream. The compound movements are actually designed to be low impact, which means that even if you’ve joint issues, you will be able to complete them.

Phase 3; Maintenance
With less body fat, flatter stomach, and increased testosterone levels, this phase focuses on maintaining the achieved results through shortcut workouts which are very easy to fit in any kind of busy schedule. The shortcut exercises target the core and outer muscles, and will help you maintain your newly acquired fitness.

Also included in this program is a nutrition plan, along with an injury avoidance/recovery eBook. The nutrition plan/guide tells older men what they need to eat in order to maximize their fitness goals and also support their hormone systems. The injury avoidance/recovery eBook helps older men avoid injuries, and in case an injury occurs, the eBook helps them recover soonest possible so that they can resume to the fitness plan.

The Pros And Cons Of Abs After 40

-It is specifically designed for men who are aged over 40 years.
-It’s an all natural way of increasing the testosterone production, which means it’s 100% safe.
-It includes lots of nutrition advice.
-Helps increase your energy levels.
-Will give you a perfectly toned body with six pack abs,
-It is very effective for fat loss and weight loss.
-It will increase your flexibility.
-It will increase your libido.
-The program comes with a money back guarantee, which means that if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund of your money.

-Well, to achieve the best possible results, you will need to be consistent and dedicated to the program.

Jeunesse Skin Line – How To Slow Down Aging With Longevity Products?

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Jeunesse Global Skin CareJeunesse Global is a revolutionary company that designs anti-aging and youthful science solutions. Their line of products includes advanced skin care products and innovative health supplements. The company operates in the $300 billion “anti-aging” market that provides excellent opportunities for future growth.

Since the company was founded six years ago, it has become a world leader and category creator in the personal skin care industry. The company ships in 105 countries across the globe and have 20 global offices. Their distribution system is based on network marketing and they have payed out up to  $250 million in total commissions to their associates. If you have heard of the company results is natural that you are searching for Jeunesse global review to learn more about it.

Jeunesse Global provides great support to all their marketing associates and has helped in the creation of many impressive success stories. As of 2015, the company has created 30 new millionaires, who owe their financial success to Jeunesse Global. The company was launched on the market in the year 2009 and has its headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Jeunesse Global's executive team is composed by :

Wendy Lewis, Founder, COO; Randy Ray, Founder and CEO;

Geri Dorman, Director of Research and Network Administration;

Rob Dawson, Chief Legal Officer;

Scott A. Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer;

David Matichak, Director of International Logistics;

Ryan Ogden, Chief Financial Officer;

Brandon Scott, Chief Marketing Officer;

Lucy West, Director of Sales;

Darren Jensen, Chief Sales Officer;

Debbie Kurley, Director of Customer and VIP Relations;

Colin McCormick, Director of Field Communications and Events; and Miguel A. Beas, Director of Latin America.

From its early stage, Jeunesse Global has been prioritized expansion and international platforms over an early domestic growth. The direct selling company is focusing its resources and energy on creating an efficient global infrastructure. Today, the company strength stays in its highly sustainable, global footprint.

In June 2013, the company was awarded by the Direct Selling Association with the ETHOS Rising Star Award for their high standards of excellence in business performance.

Jeunesse Skin Care Products For Longevity

Jeunesse Global is pioneering a revolutionary medical technology based on steam cells research. For example, they developed the world’s only stem cell skincare facial serum that is able to minimize premature signs of aging without the need for surgery.

Jeunesse Luminesce

Another revolutionary anti-aging product launched by Jeunesse Global is Luminesce, another cutting edge cellular rejuvenation skincare serum.


Reserve, another innovative formula harnesses the power of resveratrol to activate the Sirtuin 1 gene in order to slow the aging process. Reserve is one of the first gel-based antioxidant supplements on the market.

Jeunesse Global is not exclusively focused on the skin care market but has a wider interest in the entire anti-aging industry. The company’s declared mission is to become one of the most progressive and innovative network marketing companies in the niche of anti-aging technologies.

Jeunesse Finiti

In 2013 Jeunesse Global  launched, Jeunesse Finiti as one of their main products for Anti-aging.

Jeunesse Finiti is a patented product meant to enhance the length of critically short telomeres. Their products are all looking, feeling, and being young for a long time to come. By using cutting edge ingredients and best formulas based on breakthrough science, Jeunesse Global provides the best personal skin care line and nutritional supplements, centered upon renewal of the body cells, longevity, and health.

Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse, gained a brand identity by introducing the Youth Enhancement System, a line of products designed for rejuvenation, restoration, skin cleansing, skin lifting, moisturization, and detoxification. Products such as ProPectin, Reserve, Luminesce, Reserve, and Finiti won their places among the best anti-aging formulas on the market today.

Yevo Healthy Organic Foods Review – Doctor Research

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yevo global health reviewYEVO Health Products, owned by billionaire and Wall Street investor Peter Castleman, is currently on its pre-launch phase. The company has been causing a buzz in the health field, since they will be only promoting a whole food diet made from only organic and natural products.

The new marketing opportunity is drawing lots of attention not only because of the high-potential concept but also because of the former JP Morgan executive’s previous achievements. The YEVO business is for those entrepreneurs who are always eagerly looking for extraordinary opportunities in the market. The top management team from YEVO has already been approached by multiple organizations because of their quality products and their business model.

Experts are calling the business model behind Yevo Global great for the company and amazing for the customer who can refer others and also benefit greatly by changing the quality of their food intake. One knows this is in high demand as ever in 2015.

Yevo Global Underlying Research & Study

Billionaire, Peter Castleman, developed a product line after conducting several months of research and collecting information from studies by the Institute of Science. The scientific research studies conclude that optimal health can be achieved only when the human body cells receive 43 essential nutrients, most of which are sourced from food.

The company’s product development team found that these 43 essential nutrients are surprisingly absent from almost 80 percent of the foods available in grocery stores. This means that most people in the United States (and the world) aren’t receiving the essential nutrients that could not only help them lead a healthier life, but also help prevent many life threatening diseases.

The team reports that it is almost impossible for an average homemaker to get all these nutrients. They quote a Harvard experiment where a qualified nutritionist took more than 20 hours to prepare such a meal. It cost $28 and carried 76g protein and 1,800 calories of energy. An average person will take much longer, not only to cook such a meal but also to source all the ingredients.

How Can YEVO Foods Help?

Some of the main core features of YEVO Health Products include:

• The product comprises of nutrient-rich, organic whole foods.

• YEVO will be providing prepared but frozen dehydrated meals that can be conveniently made ready to be consumed.

• Consumers can add water and the meal will be ready.

• YEVO meals can be use by the average family, travelers and outdoor people. It has a shelf life of 3 years.

• It contains delicious and exotic foods ingredients.

• All 43 essential nutrients are included in each serving.

This is something impossible to achieve through traditional food preparation methods.

• Each serving contains a minimum of 25g of protein and a total of 400 calories (average).

Thus, YEVO Health Food and Products are all about bringing the healthiest and most comprehensive meal for everyone. The company also offers a high-potential opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach out to a market that is untapped and is increasingly becoming conscious about the importance of natural and organic foods in society filled with pre-packaged foods.

This whole food diet marketing concept is going to become a multi-billion dollar business model. The company has already invested millions in its pre-launch initiatives and has received interests from hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works to Detox & Cleanse

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Diatomaceous Earth is considered capable of detoxifying the body and can lead to overall good health by eliminating harmful elements in a natural way. The benefits of consuming a diatomaceous earth food grade powder in proper dosage are well known, but how diatomaceous earth works to detox & cleanse the body is still a mystery for many.

This article aims to throw light into the “how”, in order to inform people about the working process of D.E. since is highly effective and yet it has no found side effects.

Diatomite is a naturally occurring marine sedimentary rock produced from the shells of microscopic single celled algae named diatoms that lived in the pre-historic era; they contain silica in high quantity along with other essential minerals and trace elements.

diatomaceous earth benefitsDiatomaceous Earth as a digestive system cleanser

Food grade D.E. has a porous nature and a fine particle size, which makes it highly absorbent of water and oil. This absorbing nature of the material makes it able to invade the lipid based coating of the parasites and kill them by dehydrating.

Due to the presence of amorphous silica in high quantity, D.E. has an abrasive nature which helps it to offer a mild scrubbing action to the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the harmful parasites living in the human body make home in the digestive system, and they adhere to the walls of the tract to get their share of nutrition easily.

Due to the mild abrasive action of Diatomite and the silica mineral properties, these parasites are scraped out from the tract walls and are simply killed due to dehydration caused by D.E, which is capable to absorb 1.1 times more water than its own weight. D.E. also kills the harmful bacteria and fungus grown within the digestive system through the same process.

The parasites which are not killed by D.E. get attached to D.E due to its high absorbing nature. The extra D.E. does not remain within the body for long, it comes out naturally with bowel movement and urination; and along with it, all the un-killed parasites attached with it also goes out of the body resulting in intestinal flush out and complete cleansing.

Diatomaceous Earth As A Detoxifier

Apart from removing the parasite related toxins, Diatomaceous earth is also capable to remove the heavy metals from the blood. D.E. is one of the best natural chelating products available. D.E. forms a special compound named as “chelate” with the heavy metals such as mercury, fluorine, aluminum present in the blood stream. These heavy metals enter our body through vaccines, water and eatables, crockeries and air and are harmful for the human body under normal conditions. Diatomaceous earth pulls out these heavy metals from the blood stream and form chelates that are excreted out of the body with the bowel.

The detoxifying effect of D.E. makes it a highly preferred choice amongst the health conscious people. In order to stay healthy and fit it is important to eliminate the harmful toxins from our body on a daily basis, and D.E. is a perfect detoxifying agent for that.

Doctor Recommended Health Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

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forskolin health benefitsAs a Doctor in practice with a variety of patients, I know all of us want to be healthy, wealthy and wiser as we age gracefully but getting there and enjoying these life-long quests and attributes can be tricky to conquer and achieve.

It goes without saying, but for a long fruitful lifetime, we need to understand that we can be directly influenced by our understanding of how maintain a healthy body weight and taking care of our overall health.

We do not need to get into natural supplements using forskolin extract persay, but we do need to address and prioritize some fundamental principles of what it takes to live a long, healthy life and journey.

The good news is that now days, we are becoming more health conscious and aware of unhealthy eating habits. To maintain a healthy figure is important to start thinking about how to lose and keep a normal body weight the smart way. This involves sticking with a low carb diet that addresses the inevitable hunger pangs that constantly discourage most people.

Chances are, you know someone who follows a low carb diet. If so observe them closely. Typically, people who eat right have positive energy and lots of it. At the same time, check their complexion, color and overall appearance. This becomes important and significant as we age due to our brains being able to adapt and adjust as we learn and grow. There are natural nootropic supplements that use proven ingredients that can help boost cognitive function and enhance memory (there's plenty of Brainstorm Elite reviews out there to digest).

The truth is your can literally transform your energy levels, body type and skin when eating healthier and striving to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. A low carbs diet yields energetic, calm, fit and young looking followers.

Forskolin And Losing Weight With A Low Carbs Diet

The irony of a low fat diet is that it has evolved into an easy way to lose weight by addresses the two biggest obstacles to cope with, hunger and terrible eating habits. Also put a little time and effort into researching pure silica supplements that can help aid and boost immunity as well as assimilate nutrients faster and easier.

This is a way to eat that considers your present health, current medications, stress levels and more. If you are using a low carb diet to lose weight is also important to combine it with exercise to get faster results. Also is a good idea to start drinking vegetable juice extract to increase the amount of enzymes in your gut and improve digestion.

Additionally to a low carb diet, is a good idea to combine a clean diet and exercise regimen with natural weight loss supplements such as Forskolin, green coffee extract or Garcinia cambogia, to name a few. These kind of supplements can serve as natural appetite suppressants and fat burners, making the whole process of losing weight easier.

A 2012 study led by Harvard University corroborates what 17 other recent diet studies concluded; that a low card diet, combined with exercise and whole foods is the best way to lose weight. It really is that simple. Don’t fall for sales pitches; books that want you to diet any other way and products that are designed to take your money.

Be sure to read more about this subject and follow the helpful tips on this article to get the results you want, safely and productive. Here’s another extra tip: avoid sugar and starch, like bread, once you do, you would have taken a big step into getting the body you want.