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Dr. Kunin made two presentations at the Western Section American Urological Association meeting. Follow the link for Talks and Abstracts to see materials from these presentations.

Dr. Kunin has retired from performing Brit milah, infant and adult
non-ritual circumcision. He recommends the following people:
Andy Shpall 310 562 5891 and Howard Frydman 818 841 6055.

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If you have been searching the web for information on Brit milah and/or circumcision, by now you may be thoroughly confused. This is because there is more than one way to perform a circumcision and administer anesthesia.

To further confound you, there are varying opinions regarding the religious aspects of Brit milah. Orthodox views vary from those held by the Reform and Reconstructionist movements. Also, while Conservative practices tend to be more traditional they are not always in concert with Orthodoxy.

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However, there is one one fundamental point on which they all agree, and that is that the commandment of Brit milah is central to our tradition

Being a Board certified Urologist in practice for 25 years, I retired from my active practice in 1993 to become a full time mohel (ritual circumciser), serving the greater Los Angeles area. However, I still maintain hospital privileges at local hospitals where I consult regarding circumcision and perform difficult cases in the neonatal ICU and newborn nursery. I also perform adult circumcision.

In 1984, I was among the first group of physicians to be certified as a mohel, and am on the Berit Mila Board which trains and certifies mohelim/ot. I am also a member of NOAM (National Organization of American Mohelim/ot).

I have taught Brit milah at many levels from 4th grade through adult education, rabbinical students at both the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Reform) and the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University (Conservative) and Mohelim in training. On the medical side, I have lectured physicians at Cedars-Sinai and Northridge Hospitals, Beth Israel Hospital in New York City and annually to fellow Mohelim.

Utilizing urological surgical skills and ongoing religious education I try to make the Brit milah ceremony an enlightening and pleasant experience for the baby, parents and all who attend.

Unhappy with existing anesthetic techniques, I developed a new method of local injection which is essentially painless and provides excellent results with virtually no possibility of complications. I have used this techniques for more than the last 5000 circumcisions I have performed ( including five grandsons ), and it has been adopted by many colleagues.

B'Shalom - Samuel A. Kunin, M.D.

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