How Diatomaceous Earth Works to Detox & Cleanse

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Diatomaceous Earth is considered capable of detoxifying the body and can lead to overall good health by eliminating harmful elements in a natural way. The benefits of consuming a diatomaceous earth food grade powder in proper dosage are well known, but how diatomaceous earth works to detox & cleanse the body is still a mystery for many.

This article aims to throw light into the “how”, in order to inform people about the working process of D.E. since is highly effective and yet it has no found side effects.

Diatomite is a naturally occurring marine sedimentary rock produced from the shells of microscopic single celled algae named diatoms that lived in the pre-historic era; they contain silica in high quantity along with other essential minerals and trace elements.

diatomaceous earth benefitsDiatomaceous Earth as a digestive system cleanser

Food grade D.E. has a porous nature and a fine particle size, which makes it highly absorbent of water and oil. This absorbing nature of the material makes it able to invade the lipid based coating of the parasites and kill them by dehydrating.

Due to the presence of amorphous silica in high quantity, D.E. has an abrasive nature which helps it to offer a mild scrubbing action to the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the harmful parasites living in the human body make home in the digestive system, and they adhere to the walls of the tract to get their share of nutrition easily.

Due to the mild abrasive action of Diatomite and the silica mineral properties, these parasites are scraped out from the tract walls and are simply killed due to dehydration caused by D.E, which is capable to absorb 1.1 times more water than its own weight. D.E. also kills the harmful bacteria and fungus grown within the digestive system through the same process.

The parasites which are not killed by D.E. get attached to D.E due to its high absorbing nature. The extra D.E. does not remain within the body for long, it comes out naturally with bowel movement and urination; and along with it, all the un-killed parasites attached with it also goes out of the body resulting in intestinal flush out and complete cleansing.

Diatomaceous Earth As A Detoxifier

Apart from removing the parasite related toxins, Diatomaceous earth is also capable to remove the heavy metals from the blood. D.E. is one of the best natural chelating products available. D.E. forms a special compound named as “chelate” with the heavy metals such as mercury, fluorine, aluminum present in the blood stream. These heavy metals enter our body through vaccines, water and eatables, crockeries and air and are harmful for the human body under normal conditions. Diatomaceous earth pulls out these heavy metals from the blood stream and form chelates that are excreted out of the body with the bowel.

The detoxifying effect of D.E. makes it a highly preferred choice amongst the health conscious people. In order to stay healthy and fit it is important to eliminate the harmful toxins from our body on a daily basis, and D.E. is a perfect detoxifying agent for that.

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