How To Avoid Workout Injuries With Abs After 40 Fitness Routine

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Abs After 40 is a workout program and nutrition plan which was designed by the fitness expert known as Mark Mcilyar, alias “The Ripped Grandpa.” It contains effective hormone rejuvenation exercises which are especially customized for men who are over 40 years, and offers older guys their dream of getting amazing ripped abs with little effort and time. Abs After 40 program contains exercises which work muscles which are usually overlooked in normal routines. The movements employed by this program naturally raise the testosterone levels which is great for burning body fat, building muscle, and improving strength. The movements use different muscles at a go to perform various tasks which is quite ideal for strength increases; this provides much better results than the isolation exercises which usually work only a single muscle at a time.

In this abs after 40 review, we learn that one of the most amazing aspects of this workout program is that if it’s followed with the required consistency, it offers astounding results. Initially, this program focuses on getting rid of belly fat by employing unique movements which are low impact alternatives for the older guys. The movements are detailed in a simple to follow, step by step manner, so everyone can be able to catch up at their own pace. The system teaches older men why it’s important to keep the testosterone at optimum levels since it’s the testosterone which tends to make men more combative and more intrusive. .

Learn Why Growing Up Makes Working Out For Men More Difficult

As men get older, the testosterone hormones and the growth hormones decline. These 2 key hormones are at optimal level in the early to mid 20’s. The decline in these hormones makes it much harder for men over 40 years to work out. Some other reasons why it is rather difficult to work out after the age 40 include, but not limited to;

-Aging joints and bones.
-Eating high fat foods and processed foods which are made out of convenience.
-Having much less time to workout because of obligations such as work, house, children, among others.
-High stress levels and less overall energy.

The Abs After 40 program has been custom tailored to actually meet the special needs which older guy’s have. It’s different from the other exercise programs and nutrition plans because it has been specifically designed to make it easier for older guys to work out by supporting the health and production the male hormone system. The program comprises of categorized sequences of in home work out plans, meditation, low impact resistance work outs, rehabilitation from any previous injuries, a detailed guide to prevent injuries, a great recipe of energizing juices and meals, along with the internal hormonal manipulation.

What Does The Program Include?

abs after 40Phase 1; Fat Loss Jumpstart
This part is designed to help in breaking the link between unbalanced hormones and the belly fat. Someone with unbalanced hormones usually stores plenty of belly fat, and storing large amounts of belly fat might lead to even more unbalanced hormones, thus creating a grueling vicious cycle which many men will find difficult/hard to break. This program helps break this cycle allowing men over 40 to achieve fitness levels they might not have otherwise enjoyed since their 20’s. This phase helps focus on losing belly fat as fast as humanly possible, without unnecessarily starving yourself, or doing extreme workouts which can hurt you. This particular segment can be utilized by anybody, even if you have never exercised and dieted before.

Phase 2; Male Hormone Optimization
After losing belly fat, phase 2 focuses on optimizing the testosterone levels by basically increasing the workout intensity, and also adding more compound resistance exercises which involve more than 1 muscle group. By activating most of the muscle fibers, maximum amounts of testosterone gets released into your bloodstream. The compound movements are actually designed to be low impact, which means that even if you’ve joint issues, you will be able to complete them.

Phase 3; Maintenance
With less body fat, flatter stomach, and increased testosterone levels, this phase focuses on maintaining the achieved results through shortcut workouts which are very easy to fit in any kind of busy schedule. The shortcut exercises target the core and outer muscles, and will help you maintain your newly acquired fitness.

Also included in this program is a nutrition plan, along with an injury avoidance/recovery eBook. The nutrition plan/guide tells older men what they need to eat in order to maximize their fitness goals and also support their hormone systems. The injury avoidance/recovery eBook helps older men avoid injuries, and in case an injury occurs, the eBook helps them recover soonest possible so that they can resume to the fitness plan.

The Pros And Cons Of Abs After 40

-It is specifically designed for men who are aged over 40 years.
-It’s an all natural way of increasing the testosterone production, which means it’s 100% safe.
-It includes lots of nutrition advice.
-Helps increase your energy levels.
-Will give you a perfectly toned body with six pack abs,
-It is very effective for fat loss and weight loss.
-It will increase your flexibility.
-It will increase your libido.
-The program comes with a money back guarantee, which means that if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund of your money.

-Well, to achieve the best possible results, you will need to be consistent and dedicated to the program.

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