Jeunesse Skin Line – How To Slow Down Aging With Longevity Products?

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Jeunesse Global Skin CareJeunesse Global is a revolutionary company that designs anti-aging and youthful science solutions. Their line of products includes advanced skin care products and innovative health supplements. The company operates in the $300 billion “anti-aging” market that provides excellent opportunities for future growth.

Since the company was founded six years ago, it has become a world leader and category creator in the personal skin care industry. The company ships in 105 countries across the globe and have 20 global offices. Their distribution system is based on network marketing and they have payed out up to  $250 million in total commissions to their associates. If you have heard of the company results is natural that you are searching for Jeunesse global review to learn more about it.

Jeunesse Global provides great support to all their marketing associates and has helped in the creation of many impressive success stories. As of 2015, the company has created 30 new millionaires, who owe their financial success to Jeunesse Global. The company was launched on the market in the year 2009 and has its headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Jeunesse Global's executive team is composed by :

Wendy Lewis, Founder, COO; Randy Ray, Founder and CEO;

Geri Dorman, Director of Research and Network Administration;

Rob Dawson, Chief Legal Officer;

Scott A. Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer;

David Matichak, Director of International Logistics;

Ryan Ogden, Chief Financial Officer;

Brandon Scott, Chief Marketing Officer;

Lucy West, Director of Sales;

Darren Jensen, Chief Sales Officer;

Debbie Kurley, Director of Customer and VIP Relations;

Colin McCormick, Director of Field Communications and Events; and Miguel A. Beas, Director of Latin America.

From its early stage, Jeunesse Global has been prioritized expansion and international platforms over an early domestic growth. The direct selling company is focusing its resources and energy on creating an efficient global infrastructure. Today, the company strength stays in its highly sustainable, global footprint.

In June 2013, the company was awarded by the Direct Selling Association with the ETHOS Rising Star Award for their high standards of excellence in business performance.

Jeunesse Skin Care Products For Longevity

Jeunesse Global is pioneering a revolutionary medical technology based on steam cells research. For example, they developed the world’s only stem cell skincare facial serum that is able to minimize premature signs of aging without the need for surgery.

Jeunesse Luminesce

Another revolutionary anti-aging product launched by Jeunesse Global is Luminesce, another cutting edge cellular rejuvenation skincare serum.


Reserve, another innovative formula harnesses the power of resveratrol to activate the Sirtuin 1 gene in order to slow the aging process. Reserve is one of the first gel-based antioxidant supplements on the market.

Jeunesse Global is not exclusively focused on the skin care market but has a wider interest in the entire anti-aging industry. The company’s declared mission is to become one of the most progressive and innovative network marketing companies in the niche of anti-aging technologies.

Jeunesse Finiti

In 2013 Jeunesse Global  launched, Jeunesse Finiti as one of their main products for Anti-aging.

Jeunesse Finiti is a patented product meant to enhance the length of critically short telomeres. Their products are all looking, feeling, and being young for a long time to come. By using cutting edge ingredients and best formulas based on breakthrough science, Jeunesse Global provides the best personal skin care line and nutritional supplements, centered upon renewal of the body cells, longevity, and health.

Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse, gained a brand identity by introducing the Youth Enhancement System, a line of products designed for rejuvenation, restoration, skin cleansing, skin lifting, moisturization, and detoxification. Products such as ProPectin, Reserve, Luminesce, Reserve, and Finiti won their places among the best anti-aging formulas on the market today.

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