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January 19, 2015 by Sam | Filed under Weight Loss.

yevo global health reviewYEVO Health Products, owned by billionaire and Wall Street investor Peter Castleman, is currently on its pre-launch phase. The company has been causing a buzz in the health field, since they will be only promoting a whole food diet made from only organic and natural products.

The new marketing opportunity is drawing lots of attention not only because of the high-potential concept but also because of the former JP Morgan executive’s previous achievements. The YEVO business is for those entrepreneurs who are always eagerly looking for extraordinary opportunities in the market. The top management team from YEVO has already been approached by multiple organizations because of their quality products and their business model.

Experts are calling the business model behind Yevo Global great for the company and amazing for the customer who can refer others and also benefit greatly by changing the quality of their food intake. One knows this is in high demand as ever in 2015.

Yevo Global Underlying Research & Study

Billionaire, Peter Castleman, developed a product line after conducting several months of research and collecting information from studies by the Institute of Science. The scientific research studies conclude that optimal health can be achieved only when the human body cells receive 43 essential nutrients, most of which are sourced from food.

The company’s product development team found that these 43 essential nutrients are surprisingly absent from almost 80 percent of the foods available in grocery stores. This means that most people in the United States (and the world) aren’t receiving the essential nutrients that could not only help them lead a healthier life, but also help prevent many life threatening diseases.

The team reports that it is almost impossible for an average homemaker to get all these nutrients. They quote a Harvard experiment where a qualified nutritionist took more than 20 hours to prepare such a meal. It cost $28 and carried 76g protein and 1,800 calories of energy. An average person will take much longer, not only to cook such a meal but also to source all the ingredients.

How Can YEVO Foods Help?

Some of the main core features of YEVO Health Products include:

• The product comprises of nutrient-rich, organic whole foods.

• YEVO will be providing prepared but frozen dehydrated meals that can be conveniently made ready to be consumed.

• Consumers can add water and the meal will be ready.

• YEVO meals can be use by the average family, travelers and outdoor people. It has a shelf life of 3 years.

• It contains delicious and exotic foods ingredients.

• All 43 essential nutrients are included in each serving.

This is something impossible to achieve through traditional food preparation methods.

• Each serving contains a minimum of 25g of protein and a total of 400 calories (average).

Thus, YEVO Health Food and Products are all about bringing the healthiest and most comprehensive meal for everyone. The company also offers a high-potential opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach out to a market that is untapped and is increasingly becoming conscious about the importance of natural and organic foods in society filled with pre-packaged foods.

This whole food diet marketing concept is going to become a multi-billion dollar business model. The company has already invested millions in its pre-launch initiatives and has received interests from hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs.

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